Watermelon diet - watermelon diet options and sample menu

The end of summer is the season of watermelon. Everyone loves this juicy sweet fruit. They can become not only a delicious dessert, but also a means to get rid of annoying pounds.

Benefits of watermelon diet

Although watermelons are sweet, their calorie content is low. In 100 gr. fruit pulp contains 40 calories. At the same time, it contains a lot of fiber, which reduces hunger, improves the function of the digestive system, improves metabolism and promotes the elimination of excess fluid. Watermelons are also rich in vitamins B, PP, C and A, magnesium and potassium. Thanks to this, the watermelon diet will not only help you lose weight fast, but will also relieve swelling, remove toxins and saturate the body with useful substances, resulting in a healthy and attractive appearance of the skin.

Varieties of watermelon diets

There are many varieties of watermelon diet. We will look at the most popular and effective.

Single diet with watermelon

This type of diet involves the use of only watermelons. During the day, you are allowed to eat no more than 6 kg of berry pulp. You can eat at any time, but it is better to do it often and in small portions. Drinking water and sugar-free green tea are allowed. This watermelon slimming diet should not last more than 5 days. It is not recommended to stick it for a longer period of time, as it can harm the body. During this period, you can say goodbye to 3-4 extra pounds.

girl eats watermelon for weight loss

If you are determined and willing to limit yourself to food for a long time, the lightest watermelon diet is right for you. Its main ingredient is still watermelon, but rye or wholemeal bread is added to it. It can be added to 1 to 2 slices at each meal. It is recommended to follow such a diet for no more than 1, 5 weeks. The predicted weight loss during this period is 5-6 kg.

Diet with watermelon and rice

A milder version of the watermelon diet is supplemented with rice and a small amount of cottage cheese. This allows you to lose weight with less pressure on the body. The course is designed for 4 days, but if desired, it can be extended. During this time, you should eat about 150 grams daily for breakfast. low-fat cottage cheese and three slices of watermelon. The second breakfast should consist of 1 or 2 slices of watermelon. For lunch, a portion of rice porridge and a few slices of watermelon is recommended. During an afternoon snack, you should eat 50 grams. low-fat cottage cheese and a slice of watermelon, and in the evening the same as lunch.

Easy diet with watermelon

This is a simple type of watermelon diet. This diet can be followed for two weeks or more. A sample diet menu includes:

  1. Breakfast with a piece of hard cheese and a portion of oatmeal or buckwheat cooked in water.
  2. Snack with three slices of watermelon.
  3. Lunch with lean meat, poultry or fish that can be cooked or boiled, as well as any vegetable salad seasoned with yogurt, lemon juice or olive oil.
  4. Dinner with watermelon. It can be consumed about 2-3 kg.
watermelon for weight loss

Days of fasting on watermelon

It is useful for the body and appearance once a week during the whole season of watermelon to arrange fasting days, during which there are only these berries. Lighter versions of fasting days may be made. It is recommended to arrange them every 2-3 days. During such an unloading, it is recommended to consume 1 kg of watermelon 30 minutes before each meal.